Jean-Marie Gustinvil Lucien, Haiti — Mass Exodus

Acts 10:9-14 In this text of the Bible, Dr. Luke reported Peter’s vision. Let us leave this subject for a moment to consider the spiritual vision in itself. A spiritual vision is “a view of a thing or a reality” that no other eyes can see before your statement. Spiritual vision is essentially subjective and related to a perspective. All the prophets who had a vision were Godly men who were determined to accomplish the will of God, such as: Abraham, Gen. 15:1; Jacob, Gen. 28:12-15; Joseph, Gen. 37:5-7; Moses, Ex. 3:2-3; Isaiah, Isa. 6:1-3; Daniel, Dan. 7:1-3; Peter, Acts 10:9-14.

  • Abraham: was concerned with the covenant that God made with his ancestors, Gen. 9:9
  • Jacob: expected from God something more honorable, Gen. 32:24-30.
  • Joseph: showed his fear of God, Gen. 39:9
  • Moses: preferred God’s heritage rather than royal privileges, Ex. 2:11
  • Isaiah: was concerned with his sanctification among a corrupted people, Is. 6:5
  • Daniel: wanted to be holy for God’s glory, Dan. 6:26
  • Peter: wanted to be faithful to the Lord‘s command, John 21:15

All these men are men who denied themselves for God’s Word. If God’s kingdom and His Gospel are so important for you that you give them the priority in your life, God can give you a new vision that you shall find out of His Word,
Eph. 3:20-21.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, I pay a tribute of gratitude toward God and to you for all the contributions you have invested in my ministry and for your continual prayers.

The inability of the Haitian government to promote justice for the people weakens our institutions. This weakness of institutions is revealed in the lack of services in state administration, health, education, transportation, energy, and communication. This thwarts all the initiative one can undertake to start a project in the country. Now inflation is added to worsen the situation. Therefore, anybody who is able, has decided to flee from the country. Haitian emigrants abound in Brazil and Chile. Local churches in Haiti have to pay the price because many important ecclesiastical leaders leave their ministry to go elsewhere. As for me, I must die in the battlefield for the glory of the Lord. I continue to accomplish the same labor for the Lord.

As for projects, we had the opportunity to change the roof of the church with the help of one family in the church (Mr. and Mrs. Bertholet Labranche). We also worked on the wall during the last quarter. Pray for us to be able to finish the rest of the projects (the wall, a building for the school, bringing electricity to the church, planting a new local church).

We go for evangelization once a month and we sent a young man of the church to Bible school.

Pastor Jean-Marie Lucien