Jean-Marie Gustinvil Lucien, Haiti — Estelle

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus, the almighty God and Savior !

Brothers and sisters in Jesus, I ask for continual prayers for my wife Estelle. First she has undergone serious pain inside her belly, she did not have digestion and she had a constipation. I took her to the hospital in August 2018 and after a diagnostic they pretended that she had typhoid . They prescribed her medicine for typhoid with recommandations not to eat some kinds of food. Ater a month she went back to the same hospital and they had her make another radiography test that
revealed typhoid persistance, they gave her other kinds of medicine for typhoid. When she returned the typhoid still persisted and she asked for a sonography exam that revealed a mass in vesicule biliaire that prevents the injection of digestive liquid in the digestive tube. The doctor sent her to have a scaner test It was very expensive. This scaner revealed a cancer probability. I did not want to tell that to IGM before I know exactly what the problem is.

She asked me to sent her to the Dominican Republic hospital. My daughters and my sons in law found a way to send her to Dominican Republic. They submitted her to another kind exam that confirmed the cancer existence. Now they want her to have a biopsy test in order to know what kind of treatment is necessary for her case. I expensed all what I have in that situation. I believe in God power and may his glory be manifested in this trial. Continue to pray. Thank you !

In Jesus,
Pastor Lucien, Jean Marie