Helps Ministries

International Gospel Missions: A Baptist Mission Agency has at its CORE to reach the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to plant local churches to broaden the evangelistic outreach of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

The Ministry of “Helps” provides for those who wish to serve the Lord in a way that brings advancement of the Great Commission. They may or may not focus on the establishment of a local church but are supported and sent by their local church. They may be retired from other vocations or have other income that allows them to serve the Lord without the need to raise full missionary support. Partial support may be raised, depending on need.

Anyone interested in joining the IGM Ministry of “Helps” program must apply through the IGM application process for approval.

Through the Ministry of “Helps”, an opportunity for volunteers and those devoted to education, children’s ministries (including orphans), pastoral training, evangelism, conference speakers, short-term mission trips, construction projects, camp and any other Gospel ministry. Such individuals will be responsible and accountable to and for all doctrine and policies of International Gospel Missions: A Baptist Mission Agency. All such individuals shall be accepted by IGM through an application process and have access to tools through its website, etc.

Finances – Those who participate under the Ministry of Helps shall be responsible for all personal and ministry support and expenses but IGM will provide counsel if desired. Those in the Ministry of “Helps” may already have income from other sources and only need to raise supplemental support to function. A support level is based upon each individual’s needs and budget. All funds raised by a partner of IGM must go through the accounting practices of IGM whether support or projects.

Are You Interested?
Are you interested in knowing more about how you could serve with IGM as a volunteer, intern, mission team member, missionary, or in the Ministry of “Helps”? Is God calling you to the Ministry of “Helps”? Do you want to help IGM reach the world for Christ? This special ministry permits many, including senior citizens, to serve within their areas of expertise and within their time schedule. Please call the office at (585) 334-9048 or 1-844-334-4646 and ask for an application to begin your ministry.