Halpu Chothe, Vision2020Asia–Church

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

Greetings to you in the blessed Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

After many days, weeks, and months, I am sending greetings and writing this mail to you by the grace of our loving God. Many, many thanks for your prayerful and financial support of my ministries. May our God richly bless you.

It’s my joy to inform you that my home church, Chumbang Baptist Church,  appointed me as their pastor in January 2013. God has done many, many great things, as the Holy Halpu's Son after SurgerySpirit leads, in His ministries according to His will and purpose  The church is growing spiritually and their desire to send missionaries and support missions works is increasing day by day.  If it’s God will, we want to start a school ministry. Eventually, this ministry also can support the  mission works. The three missionaries whom we sent already sent very good reports to us of many perishing souls being saved and taking water baptism.

My son, Achan, had eye surgery at  Dr. Helina Eye Care, Imphal. By the grace of God, it was successful.

October was such a blessing to me. I was away from the church for three days to attend a pastors’ conference in Dimapur Nagaland. That time was a blessing for me! I learned many new ideas and listened as the senior pastors from various ministries in Nagaland shared their experiences. I was very, very refreshed. The theme of our pastors’ conference was “Servanthood”. I realized that, as the servant serves the master, so I must serve my Lord and my God and serve better than Baptism 1the servant serves  his master. That makes me more joyful in my ministries and gives me good courage to do more to fulfill His mission before He comes again.

Right after I reached home again, I went to another church for the Chothe Baptist Women’s fasting program. That day, the Scripture portion was taken from 2 Timothy.1:3-7. I encouraged them to be like Timothy’s grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice. Many responded and made decisions to be good mothers.

By the grace of God, I was invited to speak at the Maring tribe’s Kholshaibung Baptist Church Youth meeting. Hundreds of youth repented and 13 of them took water baptism on the last day.

In my church, we invited the Chothe Baptist Churches Association’s Youth department and hosted the 225 youth who came to participate in the Youth Bible Camp on October Baptism 210-13, 2013. The theme was, “Youth for Christ”. The speakers were my former Bible College teacher’s son, Dr.Samuel Shudhir, Rev. Dr. Samuel Devraj, Director of FCA Asia, and Rev. Wilson. They encouraged the youth and on the last day we had a camp fire with the youth who made good decisions for Christ. Please do pray for the youth who made strong decisions for Christ. A total of 85 youth, with tears, dedicated their lives to Christ. With the help of the believers in our church, 7  meals were provided by our church at a very high cost.

Please do pray for me as I am living in a small, distant village and working with the  people who work in the fields and on the farms to earn money for their children’s schooling and family’s needs.

Now is the harvest time for us and on Thursday, my church’s women’s fellowship and youth will freely help. So my family and I want to provide their lunch. Our God has spoken to them and they help me and treat me as God’s servant.

A very big thank you for your constant, prayerful support for my ministries.

Yours His Servant,
Pastor Halpu Leipi