Golla Jayaraj, Vision2020Asia — January

Dearly Beloved Partners in Mission,

Greetings to you in the Name of Jesus, the Savior of the world!

We celebrated our eldest son’s 10th birthday on the 22nd of Jan., 2017. Praise the Lord for the way the Lord is bringing up our children. Please continue to pray for them.

January was a very busy month and God led us through a variety of ministry experiences all throughout the year. Thank you for your prayers.

Following is a day-wise report of January for your praises & prayers:

1st    New Year Service preaching in Mithka Church, Balajipeta. 120 believers attended
2nd   House Visiting with Mr. Singh & Mr. Philip Raj
3rd    AttendedTribal Pastors’ Fellowship at Pitapuram
4th    House Visiting with Mr. Johnson’s family.
5th    Memorial Service of Mr. V. Rao at RK Nagar, preached Word of God
6th    Friday Fasting prayer
7th    Believers’ house visits
8th    St. Mathew’s Church preaching
9th    Went to Etikopaka village camp for a community program
10th  Made youth camp arrangements
11th  Translation for a Renewal program
12th  Annual Youth Camp; 200 youth attended
13th  Annual Youth Camp; 200 youth attended
14th  Annual Youth Camp; 200 youth attended
15th  Baguvalasa village church preaching. This is a tribal village. Very cold climate
16th  Return journey from Baguvalasa
17th  Visits to believers’ houses to pray and counsel – Mr. Sambabu’s, Mr. Rao’s & Mr. Nalli Sundara Rao’s houses
18th  Birthday thanksgiving prayer at Mr. K Raj Kumar’s house
19th  Planning the North Trip – consulting different people for leads
20th  Fasting prayer at local Church (7-9pm); Prayer Cell (12-3pm)
21st  Conducted memorial service of Mr. Lakshmayya at Merakapalem village
22nd  Antioch Church preaching (5:30-8am), St. Giles Railway Colony Church preaching (10-2pm)
23rd  Cottage prayer at Mr. Rajesh’s house
24th  Warangal visit for a comunity program
25th  Visited Mr. Ravi Babu’s house for prayer and counsel
26th  Gospel campaign, street preaching for two hours in the nearby locality
27th  Prayer Cell fasting prayer (12-3pm) & church fasting prayer (7-9pm)
28th  Preached at Sri. Lakshmayya memorial service at Merakapalem, Konaseema, 100 kms away from my place
29th  Preached Word of God at Rayavaram village church
30th  Visited Mr. Krupa Rao for prayer
31st   Believers’ house visits for prayer

Thank you for your continuous support & prayers for our ministry.

God bless you.

In God’s Service,
Pastor Jayaraj