Godfrey and Launa Watson, Jamaica — Conferences

The year 2016 climaxed with the usual Sunday School Christmas Programs at both churches. In addition, Spice Grove had Christmas Vacation Bible School and Youth Meetings which were facilitated by a team from Indiana. We rang in the new year with Watch Night services, both of which were well-attended.

In January, Launa and I were privileged to attend the annual West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference in Houston, Texas. The theme for the conference was: “The Church That Pleases God”. I was one of the speakers. It was a spiritually refreshing week.

The ministry in both local churches continues. There was a Gospel Crusade at Providence during the Easter season. There was one public decision for salvation. Although we would have liked to see more visible decisions, we know that the seed was planted and God will give the increase in His own time.

There is the prospect of additional land being made available to the church (Providence). This is much needed. Please pray that the cost will not be prohibitive. There is also the need to do some repairs to the roof. Pray that the funds will be realized to do the same before the end of the year.

During the Easter week, there were Early Morning Easter Reflections at Spice Grove. The sessions were well-attended. Later this month, there will be a Gospel Crusade. Please pray that as the Word of God is preached, souls will be saved and backsliders return to their First Love. On Sunday, May 8, the right hand of fellowship was extended to a young lady.

There will be a new launch of the Youth ministries in both churches very soon as well as Youth Week Ministries during the summer. Please pray for our young people, some of whom are writing external examinations.

This is my final year as President of the Association of Independent Baptist Churches. I continue to have speaking engagements in a number of our affiliate churches. In the months ahead, I will be leading teams to visit some churches, mainly for the purpose of encouragement and fellowship.

The annual National Ash Wednesday Conference of the Association was held on March 1, 2017. The theme was “I’m Flying Higher”. Most of our churches were represented and the time spent in fellowship around the Word and with each other was great. At this conference, all our pastors were presented with certificates of appreciation and a small token as part of the Association’s 48th anniversary celebrations.  Please continue to pray for our School Invasion Project (June, September and November) as churches visit our local schools and conduct the devotional exercises. We must reach our children and young people with the Gospel.

We continue to distribute Bibles to those who need them. I have also started giving Bibles to couples for whom I have the honor of officiating at their wedding.

The weekly Devotional Ministry with the local police continues along with counseling and other ministries as required.

The YES Club will be offering courses in cake making & decorating and sewing during the summer. The instructor will be scheduling her vacation leave to facilitate this.

We were truly blessed as we ministered to and were ministered to in the many churches that we visited while in the USA during the months of April & May. Thank you all for the part you played in making the experience such a blessed one. It is our prayer that in month and years to come, we will see churches sending short-term missions teams to Jamaica to share in a variety of ministries, e.g. evangelism, Vacation Bible School, music, teaching, construction, skill training.

We continue to remember you and your ministries in prayer and ask that you pray for us, too. We need more prayer and financial supporters as we continue to labor in the vineyard in which God has placed us.

In the first week of April, I started experiencing severe pains that extended from the left hip to the ankle. I had to visit the doctor twice in one day as the pains were excruciating despite analgesic injections and tablets. The MRI  revealed bulging of multiple discs, some of which are resting on the nerves, hence, the pain. The orthopaedic surgeon to whom I was referred has recommended physiotherapy. Thank God there is no need for surgical intervention. I will have my first visit to the physiotherapist shortly. Thank you all for the prayers, they have been answered. Please continue to pray for my total recovery.

Launa and I continue to remember you and your ministries in prayer and ask that you pray for us, too.

Notes of Praise

*Opportunities for ministry within the wider community
*God’s constant provision and protection

Prayer Requests

* Resources for execution of projects
* Spiritual maturity of believers
* Salvation of souls, especially boys and men
* Land acquisition prospect for Providence
* My health
* More prayer & financial supporters

Thank you to you our faithful Prayer Partners and Supporters!