Glenn Stockton, The Pastor’s Friend — News

Dear Pastor and Friends,

The new year is underway and I can hardly believe we are already in the month of February. I trust that the new year has started off well for you.

I preached for Pastor Rylan Millett the first Sunday and Wednesday as he just came back from the hospital in Denver, Colorado. They came to the conclusion that he had acid reflux that was spilling over into his lungs and also going up into his sinuses. Hopefully, they will get that under control with diet and medication.

I had the privilege of preaching at First Baptist Church of Ruskin where Barry Rumsey is the pastor. He worked with us in Youngstown, OH and in Decatur, IL and was pastor of a church in TN and for a number of years at First Baptist Church in Ruskin, FL. He was celebrating 40 years in ministry. I was asked to preach for them for his anniversary.

I want to thank you for your prayers and financial support over the past years. You have been faithful and I appreciate it so very much. God has been good to us in the twilight years of our ministry. Thank you, thank you! If you can use me, please feel free to contact me.

May God bless you richly!

Glenn M. Stockton
The Pastor’s Friend


I have been told that a reason for being in business is profit. A business that doesn’t make a profit is not really a business. When profits are soaring, the future is bright. Consider what Proverbs 14:23 says: “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.” The Hebrew word used here for labor implies great labor, pain or sorrow. Contrasted to hard work is the talk of the lips. Much of the book of Proverbs brings clarity to issues through colorful comparisons and this is such an instance. The idle talker boasts and talks about future plans and ways to increase profit, but talk is only talk. However, the profitable worker puts his hand to the plow and sweats until he finishes the job. What a great verse to memorize and motivate us to excel in our work effort!

But Christians ought not to be solely concerned with lining their earthly pockets with soaring profits. Child of God, remember you are not looking for an earthly city (Hebrews 11:10). You are not laying up treasures just on this earth  (Matthew 6:19). Instead of concerning yourself with soaring earthly profits, seek soaring heavenly profits. If there is profit in all labor, couldn’t this apply to door-to-door soul-winning? Though you may see little temporal profit for this hard work, do not forget the profit being laid up in store in Heaven. When you are preparing for Sunday school, remember profits are soaring. When you are singing and preaching to sleeping folks in a nursing home, remember profits are soaring. Don’t idly talk about what you can do to serve the Lord. get up and serve Him for that is profitable.

Be encouraged.