Glenn Stockton, The Pastor’s Friend — August

Dear Pastor and Friends,

The month of August has been exciting as far as places to minister. Praise the Lord the hurricanes have missed us but were just offshore. September is here and I trust that it will be just as exciting.

I had two places to preach the month of August. I filled in at Victory Baptist Church in Port St. John, Florida for Pastor Raymond Hall on August 9th. They were meeting in their gym because of social distancing. It’s always a thrill to be at Victory Baptist Church. Then I was scheduled to fill in for Pastor Barry Rumsey at Ruskin, Florida on August 16th. He called and was sick so needed someone to preach. Later, he found out he was positive for the virus, several staff members also had it, and that it was probably going through the church so he had to close the church for several weeks. The Lord is good as I was tested this month and was negative for the virus.

Thank you for your faithful support. I appreciate you so much and could not do what I do without your support. THANK YOU!

Because of Calvary,
Glenn M. Stockton
The Pastor’s Friend