Fritz Voltaire, Haiti–Summer

Dear Supporters and Prayer Partners,

We desire that our correspondence will find each one of you successful, prosperous, healthy and happy, along with all the members of your family. We take advantage of this occasion to thank you for your monthly support. Without it, we cannot keep doing our ministry. Again, a thousand thanks.

The last week of June will be the 22nd year of our church in Chateaublond. From June15 to June 19, we will have a week of prayer. From June 21 to June 26, we will have a week of revival. On June 27, 9 people will be baptized in water and on June 28, we will celebrate of the birthday of the church.

We thank the LORD for all His intervention during this school year. On June 30, all students will receive their report card and the summer vacation will start. All teachers, principals and students long for summer vacation after 10 long months of hard work.

Our orphanage needs safety and security. So we repaired the 2 entrance gates and are making 3 iron doors for the girls’ bedrooms.

The Dominican Republic is repatriating now 275,000 people to Haiti. Many of them were born in Santo Domingo and do not understand either Creole and or French. They only understand and speak Spanish. According to the news, there are only a few peaceful people in this group. They went to the Dominican Repubic because they did not find any jobs in Haiti to make money. The other ones are dangerous people such as criminals, trouble makers, pickpockets and illiterate people who do not have birth certificates. They were repatriated because they are black and look like Haitians.

It is always a great opportunity for us to let you know how your orphans are doing.

In Haiti, June is the last month of the school year. So, the end of June is dedicated to exams and everybody wants to pass these tests in order to go a higher level (grade) in September. Besides that, kids who do not succeed will not be authorized to participate in the summer camp in August. For us, it is the best time in the orphanage: everyone asks for help, there is collaboration between the children, and our staff does not need to discipline anybody. There is a desire to learn and to share.

Four orphans will participate in the official government exam: Elize Cimilien, Stanley Payen, Myrlande Pierre, and Wetshey Dubbery. An orphan girl whose name is Kerby Caidor will get married at the end of July.

This school year was very hard for us because of strikes and sicknesses. We are glad to have 2 months of vacation (July and August). We will have a new schedule for the kids: football (soccer), basketball, jump rope, sports practices, walks, going to camp and participating in special conferences according to their ages.

From May to June, it rains a lot and the time is good. During the summer time, the kids always eat and drink more and their clothes become too narrow. Please pray for the orphans to have 2 wonderful months of vacation without cyclones or hurricanes.

Please pray for us for the following topics

A) From August to December, there will be general elections for the president, senators, and congressmen. May the LORD guide the Haitian people in their choices.

B) Protection of innocent citizens against evil ones. May GOD give wisdom to identify the repatriates, welcome them and share their situation.

C) Necessary finances to keep taking care of our orphans

D) That I may receive my citizenship at the beginning of 2016

E) For a good summer vacation from July through August

F) For the blessing of the marriage of the orphan girl, Kerby Caidor, with the schoolmaster, Davidson Pamphile, on July 25

G) Collaboration of the staff of the orphanage during the repatriation of the 275,000 people from Dominican Republic

By His Grace and Mercy,
Pastor Fritz and Sister Francoise Voltaire