Flossie Abbott, Mexico — Update

I want to thank all those that have been praying for me. I feel I need to give an update. First off, praise the Lord no headaches!

When I did not respond to the typhoid medicines, more tests were taken and helicobacter pylori was discovered. This, like typhoid, is a bacteria that hibernates in the stomach and is awakened
when eating something wrong. It is rare to have them both at the same time, but as you know I’m rare. The Lord led the doctor to the right medication. I am now much much better. Google says I
should lose my appetite and weight. Sadly, this has not happened. I am still as Psalm 92:14 says, fat and flourishing!

On Friday of this week, I have the opportunity, via Zoom, to speak in Chile. I am to speak on Confiding in the Lord in Bad Times. The Lord has given me many such experiences that always lead
to victory in Jesus. Please pray that God will be honored and the Internet does not fail.