Flossie Abbott, Mexico — Fruit

Dear Praying Friends,

“They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;” Psalm 92:14. This a verse that Edward and I often laughed at. Well, I have arrived!! Praise the Lord, He is still using me. But my doctor is not pleased over the “fat and flourishing part”. The curvature in my spine is pinching more nerves than before. He feels my extra weight is too much and has put me on a diet. For the first time in my life, I am struggling to lose weight. In one month, I have only lost about 14 pounds. I have learned to truly sympathize with those who struggle their whole life.

On July 29th, I went to be with Johnny and Claudia in Brownsville Texas. The Lord saw fit to take their baby, Ziva Mildred, home to Himself, before she was born. Lalo brought me to Texas. I arrived just after Claudia’s surgery and I got to hold beautiful little Ziva. I have been able to stay and help in little ways. I will go home when Lalo comes for the September check. I plan to visit the doctor and my Mexican church and then visit Noe and Victoria. I want to be with them for their missionary conference.

About a week ago, a lady found Ginger on Facebook. She said she accepted the Lord as her Savior with Ginger, back in the first village we lived in. She now lives in LA and wanted help contacting a church. Ginger told me about her. I was able to speak with her yesterday and this morning, I spoke with an American pastor in the city where she is living. He promised to have a Spanish-speaking pastor contact her. What a privilege to learn of fruit from so many years ago and to be able to help her. Plans for next years Ladies’ Retreat are coming. The theme will be “Servants for Love”. Please continue to pray with me that God would be in control, and that I would be sensitive to His leading.

Thank you again for your faithful praying and financial support for the work below the Rio Grande.

Yours in Mexico,
Flossie Abbott