Flossie Abbott, Mexico — Back to Normal!

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                                 May 2017

Oh how I thank the Lord for each one of you. Your gifts, and mostly your prayers, are what makes it possible for me to be here in Mexico. At times, I put off writing for fear it would just sound like a medical report. But then it’s because of your prayers that there are improvements in my health.

In March, I was able to travel to OK with David. He preached 4 nights and I was able to get a lot of computer help for the retreat in June. We stopped in Dallas on the way home. This time, David preached in a missions conference in a Spanish church. I was privileged to share my testimony. Both churches spoiled us with love and invited me to return next year with David.

I came home exhausted but happy. Four days later, I had the second hernia surgery, as planned. The surgery went fine. Ginger came and stayed with me for 2 weeks to make sure I didn’t do anything! But the day she left, I started with a bladder infection and there were complications. I became weaker than I ever remember being. For 2 days, I needed to be spoon fed.

I began to wonder if this might be the Lord’s plan for me now. I so needed the joy and contentment He promised. Lalo’s and David’s families cared for me that first week, Noe and Victoria came for 6 days, and then took me home with them. I spent time looking up and writing down a dozen verses on strength.

The promises were there that He would not only be my strength but my song. At very painful times, I have always sung hymns and choruses in my heart. These verses reminded me that He is my song and gives me the strength that I need. I once more turned everything over to Him.

My strength started returning. Praise His Name, on May 1st, I returned home. I’m 75 and tire easily, but I have new strength. Strength to live for Him today. His mercies are new every morning, and so is the strength I need.

I am back to my normal again. Thank you for faithfully praying for me, for supporting the work here and for the special gifts marked for the retreat.

Things are falling into place for the retreat, but there is one thing that could be a problem. From the beginning, David has been in charge of the kitchen. And he is planning on doing the same this year. BUT his twins graduate from high school this year. In Mexico, graduation dates are not known until just a few days before. Our special weekend could be the twins’ special weekend, too! David’s girls also give classes for the children who come with their moms. I need you to pray that the Lord will take control and guide us with His perfect peace.

I trust that my next letter will be in July, with pictures. Proof of answered prayer.

Leaning on Jesus,
Flossie Abbott