Eral and Merle Lewis, USA — Visitation

Dear I.G.M. Family,

The Lord is good. I am happy to be communicating with you again. As you know, our field of service has changed from Jamaica to the United States. I praise God for the opportunities He gives for service through weekly visitation and pulpit supply to teach and preach His Word.

Recently, on visitation, a lady trusted Christ as her Savior. We are praying that her husband will also come to trust the Lord as Savior soon.

We are adjusting to the different weather patterns and gearing up for the approaching winter. Regarding our health, Merle does not have the challenges with allergies as she had in Jamaica. I have had two reviews from the doctors with no adverse report. My next review will be in February 2018.

A special word of thanks to those churches and individuals who are standing with us with prayer and finances. I crave the continued prayers of everyone for the clearing of my hospital bill at Florida Hospital which is now just over five thousand dollars.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all the members of the I.G.M. family, supporters and well-wishers a Christ-filled Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



Eral/Merle Lewis