Dr. Gary E. Newhart – Haiti Trip 2013



WorldHave you ever thought about what it would be like to see God’s people sharing the Gospel all over the world?  If every local church were fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20 coupled with Acts 1:8, this world, to a great degree, just might take on a different complexion.

This is exactly what our great God has commanded us to do.  This is real ministry!

This is what motivates our Executive Director.  He says, “It’s time to stop playing church, entertaining ourselves, and preaching to the choir.  Let’s get with that which will make a difference in the world in which we live.”  To do this, we will have to think outside of the box and go from a defensive posture to an offensive, determining in our heart that we can, Together, Reach this World with the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  IGM is not a passive Mission Agency but takes a pro-active approach with a single focus on sharing the Gospel with lost people.

In Haiti, our Director challenged its partners to become more active in reaching this world with the true Gospel of Christ by encouraging and offering to help them establish their own Mission Agency to become a vehicle in fulfilling the process of Acts 1:8.  The men were excited that they would have the ability to take on their own responsibility and to begin to take a pro-active role in reaching Haiti and the rest of the world.

Haiti1This country was struck by an earthquake in January, 2011. Its tent cities are still visible. Two hundred and fifty thousand people died in approximately 40 seconds and today, everything in Haiti continues like nothing happened.

At times, you could be held up in traffic for hours just because the roads were filled with vehicles of all sorts and roundabouts were cluttered to the degree that you would just close your eyes as the driver courageously moved out in front of others to move a whole car length towards his destination.

It appears that everyone is out for himself or herself, pushing and shoving to accomplish the task of their journey.  Many without jobs and many trying to sell enough to live for today and begin the whole process all over again the next day, survival becomes the routine of the day.

However, there are some who are trying to make a difference in Haiti.  This is one of IGM’s partners. Together, they rebuilt this humble school and he was so excited to show it.  On a normal day, this school on the second story is filled with children trying to learn in order to have a positive impact upon their country.

Another great need in Haiti is the care of the orphans who were left behind after their parents were killed in the earthquake.  This pastor was attempting to get his orphans related to one of the mothers in his church.  He did this by promoting a Mothers Day.  Pastor Fritz Voltaire has a heart for children.  His objective is to care for their physical needs and, at the same time, reach them with the Gospel of Christ.  He wants to see them grow up as vibrant Christians to make a difference in the world of Haiti.