David Orinda, Kenya — Rebuilding

Praise the Name of the living God and our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that all is well with everyone in Christ Jesus. I am well protected by Him even though there have been a lot of challenges that we have been going through.

I have come to realize that there is a lot that I have not done even though I thought that I had communicated regarding the situation of the church. I am truly sorry for this. I was informed by my brother, John, that I had been using the wrong address.

Our church was demolished by the county government on 5/4/2020. After that, assembly of the church was also stopped due to covid-19. It has not been easy for me and for the entire church. Most of our members lost their property and were also displaced. I thank God the Almighty Who has been with every person who was affected directly or indirectly. I tried the best I could, along with those who were willing, and we managed to resettle at least sixty families who needed immediate attention. Right now, we still have thirty families who need to be resettled. The worst part of the demolition was that people’s homes were demolished, too. Some of them lost everything while some tried to save what they could.

Thank you for standing with the church in our weakness all the time. I have to admit that I was so   devastated that I thought, as a human, that that was the end of everything.

The effect of covid – 19 is so great in my area of operation.  1.8m people lost their jobs and this affected the slum dwellers so much. The schools also were closed and this has affected the children and teenagers a lot.

My Prayer Requests:

  1. We have found a place to lease for the church assembly. We are putting up a structure but it is not complete. We need USD 1500, the lease amount we have paid for one year. I have attached the pictures of the structure.
  2. Relief funds. People are going hungry.
  3. Protection for teens as they are not in school at the moment

Please, we need your prayers during this tough time. Here are some photos that show how the demolition took place and how I distributed some food stuffs. All these events took place at different times.

May the Almighty God be with you all.

David Orinda