David Hamilton, Have Bible, Will Travel — Still Ministering

Dear Ministry Partners,

This year has been a challenge in many ways, spiritually, socially, physically, and politically. People are struggling to deal with the unprecedented challenges that now face them. Mental health visits to local hospitals by teens is up 31% over last year. In a world of uncertainty and fear, what a joy to know that we are not only secure in eternity, but right now! Our Savior has not only promised a home in Heaven, by faith in Him, but His comforting and guiding presence right here and now! He bids us to “be anxious for nothing” in Phil. 4:6. We can “rejoice in the Lord, always…” Phil. 4:4

By God’s grace, we have been able to minister, even in the pandemic. We have spoken in eight churches and our former RV park. There have been indications for six professions of faith. We have been asked to hold a Bible study in our community and eight showed for the first session. God is good.

Ruth and I are so grateful for God’s presence. We have had health issues this year and God has been gracious through each one. Ruth’s eyesight has been corrected. My spinal cord stimulation did not work so they did an ablation on the nerves in my lower back and it worked. PTL! I am out of lower back pain. I had a pacemaker installed and it kicked off uncontrollable a-fib. I spent five days in the hospital while they got control of it. After speaking with the
doctor this week, it was determined that I would not have to stay on the very powerful and expensive medicine. They feel that the pacemaker will help control the situation.

Thank you for your prayer and support. Pastors still go on vacation and still have emergencies. We are not as busy as in years past because of the virus. Please pray that God will give us opportunities to minister.

Have a grateful and blessed Thanksgiving. Stay strong in the Lord through His Word. Stay safe. Remember, God is in tomorrow waiting for us. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He is still on the throne! Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!

Dave & Ruth Hamilton

Have Bible Will Travel