Clifford Snyder, Philippines–Ready to Fly and Reconnected

Friends & Family,

Still-sane greetings from our mighty Lord & Master, Jesus the Christ. How are you at this time? We hope and pray that all is well with you and yours. We have a thing or two (or so) to share with you concerning the blessings of the Lord as experienced by and through Lilibeth, Lovejoy & Kenneth during their extended stay in the Philippines. This will be only a smidgen (hope I spelled that right. I usually only say the word.) of the happenings since it would take a lot of space and time to share the unedited version. With that in mind – here goes:

READY TO FLY: It has been just over 2 months since we last saw my precious bride and Lovejoy and Kenneth in Davao City. I had the grand joy of hearing the lovely voice of Lilibeth earlier this morning. They are set to fly out of Davao City Friday morning at 6:00 am (3:00 pm Thursday our time). This means they need to leave Tagum City at 3:00 am to check in. At 8:00 am, they will arrive in Manila; depart to Taipei at 12:45; arrive in Taipei at 2:55 pm; spend the next several hours there, then begin the next leg of the journey to SeaTac at 11:40 pm. They are scheduled to arrive in Seattle at 7:30 pm this Friday – June 19. We all are extremely eager to see them! Since our Ford mini-van would be a very tight fit (vast understatement!), I will be going alone to meet/greet them at the airport. Please pray for all of us as we prepare for this exciting reunion.

RE-CONNECTED: Romeo Fuentes was one of the first inmate contacts I had as we began our ministry at the Davao Norte Provincial Rehabilitation Center in May 2005. He was a trustee who, shortly after, made a profession of faith. It was a joy seeing him every week as we studied God’s Word together with several other inmates. He would help by gathering names (during the week) of inmates who were interested in taking a Bible correspondence course. It soon grew to over 50 inmates studying God’s Word – with many others also making professions of faith. Just before we relocated to the U.S. (with no prompting of mine), the inmates formed their own Bible study groups as they grew in their faith.

Around 2011, Romeo was sentenced and moved to DAPECOL (Davao Penal Colony) where he was later released. Lilibeth recently notified me that Romeo Fuentes has been in contact with the pastor and friend of ours who is now handling the jail ministry – James Gargaran. Not only that, but Romeo and his family are connected to a fellowship and are growing together in the Lord. When I heard this, I was overjoyed! Please pray for the Fuentes family.

RECONNECTED: Since Lilibeth has been in Tagum City, we have seen some growth in the fellowship, with others visiting on a regular basis. Manny Apparecio, who used to join us after his wife had made a profession of faith and experienced tremendous growth, drifted away. Now he and his wife Emmy, along with their daughter, Emma, and son, Atit, are attending regularly. Please pray for the salvation of their other son, Jun-Jun.

I could go on and on, but will abstain from such action as of now due to time constraints. Actually, there is so much, much more to share – and with pictures/video, too (after Lilibeth and the kids return). We will keep you updated concerning all of this – and more. Pray also as we resume production on our media project this month. The Lord is so good – isn’t He? In fact, He is great & mighty. Let us always remember this. So, with that in mind, take care and rejoice in the awesome truth that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think!

By His Grace,
Clifford, Lilibeth, Faithjoy, Lovejoy, Kenneth, Kevin, Kyle & Gracejoy too!