Aunt Bea at the libraryBea Klingensmith joined IGM in 1968. As a mission partner for 49 years, she holds the longest continuous service record with IGM of any missionary or church planter. Miss Klingensmith is a lifetime missionary to Brazil, having lived and ministered in that country since 1965. During her years as a missionary, Bea has taught Bible in the public school system, run a small Christian bookstore, and worked for a publisher in Brazil. She has been affiliated with Child Evangelism International and Word of Life and has been a translator for tribal outreach along the Amazon River. She has been the head administrator of the library for a Christian school and seminary in Benevides. The library staff is also responsible for setting up a yearly conference schedule, which includes a Women’s Conference, Pastors’ Conference, Leadership Conference, Children’s Day, etc. Bea also taught Bible classes in the local public schools, participated in literature campaigns with the Brazilian Bible Society, was active in arranging children’s Christian camps every January and July, and has made several medical mission/evangelistic trips by boat to remote villages in Amazonas, where she served as an interpreter. Bea has retired from the field in Brazil and due to health problems is now living in the States. She currently has a ministry in a local nursing home.