Bea Klingensmith, Brazil–Christmas

News From Bea in Brazil

December 2013-February 2014

Dear Prayer Warriors,
cooks on porch at word of life
It is with a thankful heart that I write to you tonight as it was a busy, happy day. We decorated the back porch of the Word of Life kitchen to get us into the Christmas mood.  The 4 cooks: Regina, Thelma, Meire, and Oscarina were busy serving the noon meal. Erica, the cleaning woman, arrived to eat and she left her secret pal present with the presents I brought. Then the two secretaries came to eat and put their presents with the others. Now the area really looked Christmassy. I, too, went and ate with the others.  The workers always receive the noon meal but we missionaries were blessed this year with the noon meal four days a week.  Before, I paid a very reasonable price to eat as I don´t like cooking for myself.

Anyway, after dinner, we gathered on the porch. Daniel Sipp was our special guest to represent the Board of Directors. We shared how God has blessed our weekly meeting, which we usually have at one o´clock on Thursday. We recited Scripture verses and mentioned some things we learned as we studied “Becoming a Woman of Excellence” by Cynthia Heald.  Daniel shared some thoughts with us of the very important commandment of Jesus in Luke 10:27, not knowing we memorized it in March of this year.

The presents were received with excited eyes and smiles and happy chuckles were seen and heard. They continued while we ate bananas and ice cream served in bright red goblets for sundaes. We praised God for the greatest gift of all – salvation in believing that Jesus Christ died to pay for our sins and rose again that we might have eternal life. What a day that will be when we all gather together in glory!

Then, I went to meet with the married students and their leaders to have their last gathering of the year. They wanted me to share how my mother was in the home. TReading Hour with Aunt Bea 2herefore, I had the privilege of telling how my mother taught and disciplined us three kids, gave us home tasks to do, encouraged us to participate in many activities in church and school, and do all to the glory of God.  Dad worked long hours away from home but did what he could to help us.

Next Wednesday, I will have the final Reading Hour with the Staff and Students’ children. There are 17 who come regularly. This week we had Charles and Julie Champlin share about their work with the Waiwai Indians in north Brazil. Next week, I´ll finish reading about the life of Joseph and we´ll have a fun time exchanging gifts and eating a special lunch prepared by their mothers.

December 2nd will be the last gathering of our library helpers. All thirteen of us meet every Monday at 1 P.M. but this time we will be leaving the library and going to a pizza place.  We, too, will exchange gifts and have some fun things to do. A copy of our picture taken this week will be given to each one to remember our time working together in the library. Four will not return next year but new ones will come in February.

Last night, the women had their fun time. We meet each Wednesday for prayer time and fellowship. It is very special for all 16 of us.  The men meet in another home at the same time. Once a month, all of us gather for a word from our leader, Gary Parker, to bring us up to date on the goings and comings of the work, the people, the reports of past and future plans, etc. Praise the Lord we are united in HIM, our precious Lord and Saviour.

The students had OWL night Wednesday . That means they stayed up late in the library to study more. Graduation is the 8th of December and all reports and exams have to done and graded before the end of November. The last week is to finish everything. The library workers have to clean every book and note what they see is missing. This inventory is hard work but very valuable to Rosa, Diná and I.

The students go to all parts of Brazil to do internships and get more experience which will help them to know what God has for them to do after graduation. Some staff also go but many visit their families and supporters. Some stay on campus to rest and get prepared for next semester. Some participate in our camps on campus and elsewhere.  The majority keep busy for the Lord.
Nearly all the staff went to Atibaia in July for a Word of Life Retreat for all workers. I went a little early to visit some friends made in the 27 years of work there in Atibaia and São José dos Campos. That was very refreshing to renew friendships and meet new ones. After one church service in São José, a family came to me and the woman said: “You probably don´t remember me, but my family and I are members in this church because you taught me Scriptures when I was in the 4th grade. Thank you for telling me about Christ.” She studied with me way back in the late 60´s.

I was able to visit with a family, the first missionary family I met when arriving from Bolivia to São Paulo, Brazil on May 29, 1965. I hadn´t seen some of their children in many years. We gathered around the hospital bed and his girls sang just beautifully with tears on all our faces. While at the retreat, the word was sent that he had been transferred to his heavenly home. We have the promise of gathering together again. Praise God!  Another precious sister in Christ  went a month earlier. She had been a faithful teacher of the Bible with me in the public schools. It was great to visit with others. Marilene was so kind and generous in making it possible to stay with her and help me visit many others. I praise God for the privilege of seeing and conversing with so many of my friends.

While in Atibaia, I saw the house I built owned by Child Evangelism Fellowship missionaries. A couple who studied here in Benevides are furthering their studies living in the apartment below my house. The trees that Mom, DeEtta, and I planted in 1986 are very tall and beautiful. Many more homes are built around mine and my kids are all married and have kids of their own. My church in Jardim Imperial is pastored by one of my kids. The pastor´s brother was married 9 years before having a child. They proudly showed me their 10 month-old daughter named Beatrice. That made me stand up straighter and look at my namesake. They pray she will grow up to walk with God and honor His Name. Tears were shed as we ate together, remembering the happy hours we had together in the church and activities back in the 80´s. It wasn´t all smiles as a few of the kids are not walking with the Lord. One uses drugs and looks so old. Another has married and divorced already. Others treated me like a queen and shared many stories with me. The twelve years in Atibaia were precious and I praise the Lord for the time there.

It doesn´t seem possible but I have been here in Benevides 21 years. Just yesterday I was in the grocery store and a young man working there looked at me and said: “Teacher, you are still in this area. I still remember what you taught in the Bíble classes in my school. Thanks. It´s good to see you.” How good God is to me in letting me see fruit of the ministry in the public schools. This year the Education Secretary for the City schools isn´t permitting us to teach as before. We are in the state schools but they don´t have the young children who are so open to the Gospel. They have older children – 6th grade and up. They need the Gospel so pray God will help Patricia find teachers and prepare them for teaching Bible to this age group. Graziela is not with us anymore and all the responsibility of the school ministry is on Patricia´s shoulders.

Please forgive me for not writing shortly after returning from the south. I haven´t stopped but I certainly don´t get as much accomplished as before. My blood pressure and glucose have been a bit high and that causes me to be and get tired easily. I´m to have a stress test and use a halter before Christmas to regulate my medications better. Pray.

Several families are remaining on campus so we´ll have Christmas together. I pray God will help you to be able to meet with your family this Christmas time. Rejoice and be glad for what the Lord has done, is doing, and will do now and during the year of 2014. Thanks so very much for being faithful this year of 2013 in praying and giving towards this ministry in Brazil. All is deeply appreciated.

Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Love and prayers from Beatrice G. Klingensmith
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