Athing Shimray, Vision2020Asia — Mission Trip

Dear Beloved Supporters,

The Lord is very faithful.

Greetings to you in the lovely Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I and my family have been praying for the last couple months regarding a mission trip to different states in North East India. I personally thank God for answering our prayer and opening the door for us to reach different groups of peoples and states in North East India as well as the border of the country of Bhutan. Dr. Jim Starr and I visited in our different ministries’ fields. The mission trip was very blessed by God’s grace. Dr. Jim Starr, director of Vision2020Asia and Beyond Network preached and taught God’s Word in meetings and conferences. Through his preaching and teaching, many souls believed the Bible is God’s Word and accepted Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. After they accepted Christ, they were glad to take water baptism so I gave them water baptism. Praise the Lord.

Our church is functioning very well and increasing in number of church members. We had a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day. We gave gifts to the mothers to honor and show them love.

The children’s school and children’s Orphan/Charity Home are doing well. By the grace of God, this year, the number of children has increased. Seventy-three orphan children are living with us. How blessed to live with our beloved parentless children and help them. Before, they were hopeless, tired, hungry, had no proper home to live in, and were not attending school but by His grace and all your financial/prayer support, now they have eternal hope and they are richly blessed. How valuable and important your financial support and prayer support is. Please continue to support them.

The pastors, church planters, missionaries and workers/ children’s school teaching staff all are working hard for the cause of the Gospel. They are tirelessly teaching God’s Word and reaching out with the Gospel to unreached souls. Dear supporters, so much work is to be done. Your support is greatly needed. We invite you to join constantly with us for the fulfillment of His commandment. As we know, many souls are perishing every day in India and neighboring countries. Let us unite our hearts together for the cause of the Gospel because Jesus is coming soon.

If our ministries have blessed you, please consider supporting our ministries’ works. Thank you for your prayer support and gifts. Together, we are making a difference for His Kingdom. Thank you and God bless you.

In His Service,
Bro. Athing, Marvirose and daughter, Yoyo Shimray
North East India