Anthony Ackon, Ghana–Visitation

Hello Partners in Christ,

The Ackon family extends our warm greetings to you. We give thanks for your translation of love bestowed on us. We really appreciate your prayer and every bit of support offered to us.

We have identified a new strategy for evangelism after I read a book written by Jack Hyles Anderson called, ”Let’s Build an Evangelistic Church”. This has encouraged us to start a visitation program in our church. Every Friday at 4:30 PM, we gather to pick names of each one’s friends and family members who have not accepted the Lord Jesus as Lord. Then for that week, we pray upon them and move out to visit. Friends are being preached to as we hear confessions made and joyful experiences and blessings are shared, though we face challenges of hard-hearted ones. Still, some are being saved. The families that got saved also bring their children to church services.

Pray with us for more to be saved. Thank you and may God richly bless you.

Anthony Nelson Ackon