Alex Boamah, Ghana–Thefts

Dear Prayer Partners and Supporters,

God has been good to me and He continues to show mercy and love.

I am always perplexed that the very same people I’m trying to help are those who do the most damage. I have had to be dealing with the police because of burglaries in my home. They have not been much help but by the grace of God, my 14 year-old “son” confessed to the crime. He sold the gas cooker and some other items. He claims he gave some items as gifts. Through the grace of God, we were able to retrieve the iPhone. Dr. Gary helped me buy a Bose speaker and other items to replace some of what was stolen. I am still praying about how to get funds to pay for or replace the phones, ladies’ jeans, watches, caps, soccer balls and other items that were intended to be given to various people.

My “son” is now out of school because I have told him I cannot pay for his dishonesty and others. He lives with his mother but comes to me for things like weekly and monthly school money. He also fetches water from the well or stream and runs other errands for me.

Please pray for the radio ministry. It is going and growing very well through the grace of God. Amen.

Pastor Alex B.