Alex Boamah, Ghana — Kobby

Dear Prayer and Financial Supporters,

“If my people, which are called by my name,  shall humble themselves,  and pray, and seek my face,  and turn from their wicked ways: then will I hear from heaven,  and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

There’s a lot of ongoing prayers for God to heal our land but without people repenting from their sins. God’s laws must totally be obeyed in order for there to be any effect. There’s a condition for the blessing but many in the church today are either ignorant or are deliberately turning their eyes off it or don’t really care to obey it. If we want our land to be healed, then we need to take the first step which is obedience.

I want to say a big “Thank You” to everyone who has been supportive of the ministry and Kobby’s plight. He’s still recovering and has been grateful for everything that God is doing through all of you. His recovery is slow but good. He’s been going for dressing of the wound every week. I’m pleased to share some pictures of God’s healing power on the fingers.

Alice Bani, a 28 year- old single mother of 3 including Kobby, has started working on her rented farm land to supplement the income she gets selling cooked food for school children in the village. The work is very challenging as she uses a machete and a hoe. She has to travel with Kobby every week to the hospital for dressing changes as well. Village life is challenging so please keep her in your prayers.

Alice is very appreciative of all your prayer and financial support, especially in this Covid-19 era.

Once again, our ministry wants to thank all who have been praying and those who have contributed to make the family have hope.

Richmond Amoako Okai is a seven year-old boy who got saved two years ago at the church. He’s a very active boy but has been experiencing constant pain in the groin. He’s been diagnosed to be suffering from a hernia which requires surgery at the earliest possible time. Covid-19 has rendered his mother jobless as she depends on tourists to buy her curios and souvenirs. His dad works as a security guard. Richmond’s parents need an additional $947 to add to what they and the church have been able to raise. Richmond’s parents had a set of twins last year and have an adopted orphan to take care of.

Please, consider lifting him up in your daily prayers and or helping him with the needed funds to undergo the critically needed surgery.
Thank you for coming to the aid of children in need of help.

Still praising the Lord,

Pastor Alex B

Philippians 4:13