Dear Friends in Christ,

I’m writing this letter with the utmost humility that I have ever felt in my life. Since I first received the call from Brother Gary Newhart…to “feel me out” on my interest in becoming the next Executive Director of International Gospel Missions, I have felt honored and astonished at the same time. While we were discussing the position and with him retiring soon, I heard the stories of how much the mission has blessed his heart. I knew right away that was what I wanted to commit my life to and carry the torch of IGM if I were given the opportunity. I was given that opportunity and accepted!

My journey into the joy of missionaries and mission work has always had a prominent place in my heart as I met missionaries my father and mother worked alongside of in Liberia, W. Africa and in Lima, Peru years before I was born. Their home videos and photos of Africa and Peru are still imprinted in my brain as they seemed like a fantasy, a place I would never venture. That would be the farthest thing from the truth! God had detailed plans for my life.

I grew up in a Baptist home and learned to love God and His Son, our Savior. There was no question that the Bible my parents carried, read, taught, and lived from was the absolute truth I was seeking. I believed every word that was written in Scripture but found out that believing the Bible to be true and for the Triune God to be real was not enough. I heard sermon after sermon from legendary preachers such as Billy Graham, Lester Rolloff, and even my local pastor, to place my faith in Jesus. I thought to myself, I have never not “believed” in Him nor not had faith in Him. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I understood what Billy Graham and others meant by “receiving” Jesus as my personal Savior.

On June 3, 1990, I clearly heard the message of needing Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and that I needed to not just engage my faith about Him but trust that what He did on the cross was specifically for me and my sins. His resurrection would prove that His death was not a myth but something every person must come to grips with and trust. God sent His Holy Spirit into my life that morning and equipped my pastor to direct me for the next two years, grooming me to be not only a faithful believer but also an equipped disciple of Christ. Those two years of discipleship with my pastor poured the foundation for everything I am in Christ today.

As I fast forward my life now, I can fondly look back at where God has brought me up to this point. I barely made it out of high school but when Christ came into my life, He set a new course for my life to include graduating several times: Moody Bible Institute 1996, Dallas Theological Seminary 2005, Erskine Theological Seminary 2015, and finally Texas A&M University in 2018. My education also demanded I take up the roles I was trained for in pastoring, counseling, leading, and allowing me to minister globally and complete a career in the U.S. Army as a chaplain.

Not only will I be coming to International Gospel Missions (IGM), but my bride, Shelley, will be my right hand as we accept this journey together. Shelley has the heart of a missionary, the most precious spirit, and a passion for women trusting Christ and immediately following Him in discipleship. She is eager to pour her heart into the ministry of International Gospel Missions and to allow God to lead us both in an exciting new journey as a team.

We bring our two children/disciples with us on the journey! Our daughter, Zoe, is 15 and she loves being the hands and feet of Christ daily as she serves in our local church and youth group. Our son, Race, is 12 and has the kindest heart a young man could ever have. He has a special ability to adapt to any environment and make new friends immediately. He also gravitates towards those who usually don’t feel included and makes them feel special. Both our children have trusted Christ and want to be involved in serving Him in however God chooses. We are proud parents!

Finally, I look forward to cultivating a relationship with you, serving with and alongside the IGM staff, board members, churches, national pastors, missionaries, and anyone else who embraces IGM’s mission of “Together… Reaching the World for Christ!” Please do not hesitate to call me, email, visit me, invite me to COFFEE, or whatever we can do to fellowship…I’ll be there. Thank you for your faithful support in partnering with us in fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ across the globe.


Your Servant in Christ,

Dr. Lex Reed