Greetings to all the saints of God at the IGM and all of our praying and supporting friends in the USA. As I write to you this short update, I must first of all give thanks to Almighty God for His protection and His care for His very own. We are aware of the effects of Covid 19 through the world and especially the damage done to our missionaries on other fields as we struggle and make use of the small resources at our disposal. Brethren, we continue to see the great hand of our great God and Master as He continues to provide for our new chapel at Westerhall. We continue seeking Him to provide things for the church like a pulpit, chairs, mikes, songbooks, and most of all, funding for labor as they do the finishing work on the building. We still have some work to do. We should be looking at totally finish. We want to thank all of you for contributing some way or the other. We must give thanks to sister Terri for her big impute in continuing the legacy of brother Kerri. Also, sister Holly and our Director for putting up with me as to sending funds even when it is not time to send. You see, the men have to get money twice a month. We call it forthright. We give thanks always to God for you. Greet all the saints for us. God’s blessings to all. Casimir Thomas