Although we are not yet in South Africa, God continues to give us ministries here in America during our transition. Over the last two months, we have be able to visit with a supporting church and present at a new church. Jacob has been able to preach a Sunday night service, meet with pastors, teach teens on Wednesday nights, provide dinner for the teens and youth leaders, and disciple young believers. We are thankful for the ministries God has given us that have been unplanned by us, but ordained by God. This Sunday is a young adult outreach. Please pray for visitors who come, souls to be saved, and seeds that will be planted and watered. On our trip to Indiana to visit Jamie’s family for Thanksgiving, we had the awesome opportunity to visit the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. It is a must-see for any skeptic who questions a global flood and a wealth of information for one who wants to broaden their understanding of God’s majesty, creativity, power, and grace. The Gospel was presented in many unique ways, including verbally in a live presentation by CEO and Founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham. Our boys loved the experience and at the end of the day reflected on what they had learned. Ronan, our 5 year old, said, “I learned the people had to sleep with all that racket!” Out of the mouth of babes! Just this week, we heard disheartening news about New Zealand. On December 3rd, the country will transition into a traffic light, alert level system. This new system will determine the level of freedom for businesses, churches, and individuals. It’s all based on a person’s vaccination status. These new restrictions put a heavy burden and limitation on churches, making ministry extremely challenging. Some missionaries have made the difficult decision to continue their ministry back home in America. We know that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. Maybe God did not allow us to return to NZ because of the very situation the country is in now and the decisions we would be faced with. We will never know the full extent of God redirecting us, we just have to trust that He knows best. Pray for believers and missionaries in NZ. As far as our belongings, we have sold all of our furniture, our van, and other small, non-sentimental things. Our former teammates helped us tremendously by putting together a garage sale to sell the stuff we are not shipping back. Our things are finally in the process of being shipped back to us. Please pray for fast delivery. Baby #5 is due at the beginning of January, which is fast approaching. We did not find out the gender which makes it that much more exciting! Jamie and baby are doing well with the exception of Jamie’s thyroid numbers remaining slightly elevated. Please pray that they will decrease into normal range over the remaining weeks of her pregnancy. We also appreciate prayers for a smooth and healthy delivery. We hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and that you were able to reflect on the blessings God has given. We understand that for many of you, the holidays this year are difficult due to the loss of a loved one(s) or due to a challenging trial you’re facing. We hope and pray that God will bring comfort to you, as only He can. We are tremendously grateful to you for ministering to us through your prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts. Thank you! Jacob and Jamie Sechrest