Greetings to you, all saints of God. We must be thankful, first of all, to the Almighty King of Kings for affording us His fresh breath to breathe out His blessings to others. Friends like you have continued reaching out to us unselfishly even though we are in this crisis of Covid which is affecting everyone in the world. Many of our loved ones have succumbed to this dreaded pandemic. It even makes it almost impossible to function because we are so used to doing things a certain way. Thanks be to God for His presence in our lives. Brethren, although things are very different in our churches, we are still doing much in our local ministry here in Grenada. We started a campaign to build a meeting place even though we had no financial resources. We thank God for Kerry and Terri Psinas who began encouraging the different teams who came to us to give towards this project. The best spot on our property is right in front of our existing home and we gave that to the glory of God as the location for the meeting place. The work was held up for a while when Kerry died but it has resumed now, and everything is going according to plan. In the next three to four months, we will be needing financial help with the windows and other things necessary to complete the building. Please pray. Our membership has dropped tremendously but we are thankful that we had a couple get saved and married and they are waiting for water baptism. So far, we have 5 people waiting for baptism. Attendance for the Lord’s Day worship service is about 35 – 40 regular attenders. On Wednesday nights, we use Zoom for Bible studies and prayer and we have a good turnout for these meetings. We are looking forward to seeing the resumption of our annual DVBS here in Grenada. We are encouraging everyone to get vaccinated so that things can get back to normal. Our support has dropped a lot. Currently, we are doing lots of farming. It continues to be a challenge to our finances to pay our mortgage. Please continue to pray. We are very thankful for all of the hard work done on our behalf here in Grenada.   Grenada for Jesus! Casimir Thomas