Dear Prayer Partners,   After Momma’s eye surgery, and all the extra care she needed because of it, Ginger was here to help her for three months and a half. So we decided to take her home, south of here, down to the State of Hidalgo. The next day, we went over the mountains to see Pastor Martin Santos, whom I had not seen, nor heard of, for about 12 years. The last time I was there was to build a small church building. This was one of the buildings brought down from Watauga, Tennessee. It was a blessing to find them going on. They had a service that evening, with just a few. Like in most places, they were not allowed to use the building. But they continue to serve the Lord in this place. Then 2 weeks ago, we went to San Luis Potosí to visit the Itiel Mission. It was their 5th anniversary, so I was asked to preach for them. It is so good to see how they are growing in the Lord. Bere started working with street kids 7 years ago, and now these kids are leading the service and teaching Sunday school. We had a special service for Mother’s Day at our church. A couple mothers were not able to come for medical reasons. On the 23rd, we will have our 3rd church anniversary. God has been so good. Please pray for us to get some rain soon. Our well is about dry, and many around us have not had water for several months. I will start digging next week if possible, hopefully, we can find water down there. Thank you so much for your gifts and offerings and especially your prayers for us, as we continue to serve the Lord in this small part of the world. In God’s Service, Edward & Amparo Abbott