Greetings to all the Saints of God Wherever You Are. Indeed, these are troublesome times in the world we leave in and we have seen how things have changed so suddenly. Everyone is looking for answers. We are, therefore, to keep our eyes open to His sudden return for the Church. We are so thankful to each one of you who have prayed and supported our ministry and family on a daily basis through your prayers and financial support. Last year, we saw a big drop in our support due to the pandemic hitting our world. Let’s not lose hope.  God is in charge and He is all wise. In the midst of all the crises around us, we are to continue in the love of God. After looking everywhere for land for our church building and having exhausted every possible avenue, the Lord has laid on our hearts to give up a small portion of our land at the front of our existing house to build the building to house the saints of God, most of which is funded by our brethren of Almighty God. We are very thankful and grateful to the persons making this happen and happen quickly. The people of God are very thankful for this. We say Amen. Also, if had it not been for Covid- 19, I would be in the US at this time raising much-needed support for the work and also finishing up evangelism and getting ready for DVBS in July. Who knows what God has in store for us? Sister Johanna has already sent her VBS material for July. Please pray for our coordinators and the team for July in case this is possible. Again, we thank you for your continued prayer and financial support. May the Almighty King of Kings keep us safe as we look forward to His Return. Amen. Please pray for my family. Please remember all of our children that they would walk with God and be a blessing. Remember sister Williams as she mourns the death of our great and loving stalwart veteran evangelist and servant, Milton Williams. We will miss him dearly.   Grenada for Jesus, We’re the Thomases.