Uncertain Times? “We’re living in uncertain times.” We’ve heard the phrase used a lot in 2020. But, do any of us ever really know what tomorrow holds? We try to plan for the future, pray, and work our plan. However, feeling that our lives are out of our control because plans A, B, and C, etc. do not work out, or are frustrating like trying to untangle a knotted fishing line, is disconcerting and becomes more discouraging the more we think about it. But, hasn’t God planned our lives to be out of our control and in His? As Paul emphasizes in 2 Corinthians 5:7, “… we walk by faith, not by sight”, it should not be surprising when we feel uncertain about our current living conditions. God has created us to be dependent on Him whether we realize it or not. If we don’t realize this fact our thoughts tend to focus on what we can accomplish ourselves to make the best of our circumstances. Although God has given us a mind to think critically, He has also given us an inward compass that is drawn to Him to fill our life’s void and rest in His stability. The fact that God is in control is one thing we can at least be thankful for in this chaotic year. Through each crisis, whether true or perceived, we can look back and see that God provided for our needs, even if we didn’t have all we wanted, or the outcome wasn’t what we were looking for, or hoped. Is that your perspective for this year? What can you be thankful for in 2020? (Phil. 4:8) Although we are not in New Zealand where we would like to be, we are where God has placed us and still endeavoring to minister and fulfill the great commission. The church where we are currently serving recently hosted a “young adult day” as an outreach to the community. The gospel was presented in this cold outdoor event, but we had a lot of fun and our hands and hearts stayed warm. There were several families who came with children we could connect with. We had encouraging and positive conversations with friends and visitors. We also had a unique “chicken evangelism” ministry. Tyson chicken donated 3,000 pounds of fresh chicken to the church to be distributed in the community. We included a flyer with a gospel message with the fresh chicken we passed out. What an awesome opportunity and avenue to share the gospel with food! Reminds us of another food evangelism event that included five loaves and two fish. 🙂 We are extremely grateful for you, our supporters, who through your own trials this year, have faithfully given financially to the Lord and us. Thank you for your prayers and partnership in the gospel as we continue to pursue our burden for where we are in North Carolina, and where we desire to be in New Zealand. The church where we will be ministering in Taupo, NZ are praying about a piece of property where they can build their own facilities and have a broader ministry of mentoring young boys. Will you pray with us about this? The property is way out of the price range for the church, but is totally within reach of God’s pocket change. Pastor Jerry is already mentoring three young boys who show interest in learning the Bible and potential qualities in leadership. Merry Christmas!