Greetings. God is great and greatly to be praised. We at Providence give thanks to you for your unwavering prayers and monetary support throughout the years. We are very grateful to Almighty God for all you have done and continue to do for us at Providence. We give thanks at all times to Almighty God for putting us together in service for Him different parts of the globe. We’re no longer at our old location, due to the unreasonable decision, after Ivan knocked down our old building, they did nothing to repair it. Some of our friends from the USA came to our help and gave us two 15ft ply buildings and made a beautiful, small hall which we used until we left. We had to pay $10,000 EC of which we are down to $2,000 more to pay. We rather take wrong, we could’ve fought them at the law, but left it alone. We are currently meeting at the BelleVue Community Center that’s about two miles from our old location. It’s a huge place, and we only have to pay $50.00 EC a month. We are asking for monetary assistance for our rented van for Sundays. It cost us $250 US per month. Please pray for us as we consider and pray for a church van. The cost would be around $8,000.00 US. We’re also praying for land for our church’s future home. We have just concluded one of our annual evangelism outreaches. A very small team from the US visited for that purpose. The turnout of the folks in that village was good. Our next crusade will be our Passover week of meetings Please pray much for us. Also, in July, pray for our DVBS and evangelism. We are looking forward to our summer DVBS. We think we are going to break our very own records. We are now preparing for one of our annual Evangelism outreaches which will be at the Dudma junction. We are having three missionaries this trip and we, the local preachers, would be preaching the crusade. We look forward to your prayers. We continue to visit the same area where we were at Providence. We still run the van through the village. At this time, we must say thanks to all the churches who have reached out to the needs of taking care of all our outstanding expenses. Please continue in prayer for our secondary school ministry to the young people and teachers, our music ministry, the Westerhall music academy for training young musicians and finding every opportunity to give them the Gospel, pray for the hospital visits, and the village visitations. We serve Him together where ever, The Thomases Grenada for Christ