Waiting and Trusting from the heart of Jamie I recently read a quote that really hit home to me. It said, “Sometimes we want greater clarity when what we need is deeper trust.” It would be an understatement to say we’ve desired greater clarity for our situation. But what God desires from us is a deeper trust in Him. We will probably never know why it has taken this long to return to NZ when our hearts’ desire is to be there more than anywhere else. A few things we do know, though, are that God is sovereign, faithful, and trustworthy. It was never our plan to come off the field and spend so much time and effort trying to get back. Nevertheless, here we are. But who are we to say that it wasn’t God’s plan? We have had to be (very!) patient, while waiting and trusting. We still believe God wants us in NZ and has not closed the door, but waiting to get back has been difficult. Aside from the numerous hours it required leading up to actually sending our visas to NZ, we’ve been able to report to churches, see family, and – one of our greatest joys – serve and be present at our sending church. We have been active in Awana Sparks as leaders, filling the pulpit, church outreach functions, ladies’ ministries, nursery, teaching Sunday school, discipleship and special music. At this point, our visas have been lodged at NZ immigration for over two months. We haven’t heard the first word as to where they are in the process. So, we wait and continue to serve and be faithful where God has us. We ask you to pray that our visas would be processed swiftly and that we would hear back very soon. We are so grateful for those who continue to financially support and pray on our behalf. We cannot adequately express how much we appreciate your prayers and support!! We are excited to announce that we are expanding our family!! Baby #4 is due in August.