Tell of His excellent greatness “While I live will I praise the LORD: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.” – Psalm 146:2 God has done great things in our lives this year and we praise Him. Our first and most recent praise is that we received all the necessary documents and were able to send in our application for residency on November 15! This process tried our patience, but the value of having residency is significant to securing a long term ministry. Please pray that our residence visa applications will be approved and returned to us by January, or sooner. We plan to pursue permanent residency once we meet those requirements. Waiting is hard, isn’t it? This year has been bumpy for us, mainly with speed bumps, and we are continuing to move at a slower pace than we’d like. Our support has considerably dropped this year and we are currently at 85%. We ask for your prayers for more support as we hope to have visas by January and are planning to return soon after receiving them. However, we continue to trust God to get us back in His timing. His plan is worth waiting for! Praise Him! We are looking for housing in Taupo. However, the rental market there is in high demand. Please pray we’d find the house God wants us to live and minister in. Here are a some more of our praise highlights. God… gave Jacob a safe and successful trip to NZ in March, provided a NZ based sponsor in May, provided new support, allowed us to be involved in our sending church and rekindle relationships, allowed us to visit new churches, gave us safety on the road (we had some close calls), supplied every need, broadened our prayer support, and encouraged us through you. “Praise Him! Praise Him! ever in joyful song!”