Perla Abbott´s health is good, even though she went through another surgery. The knee was opened up, cleaned out and once again, put back in place. Again she will have a brace for at least 4 weeks. Along with that, we took her today to get the eye test done, to see the damage to her Retina and schedule surgery. This will have to be done in Monterrey. That means a trip up and back for that. There is still a lot we don´t know at the moment, we don´t know what else may come up. But we do trust our Almighty God who is in control of everything. Perla has shown strength through all this and always has a good spirit in this situation. We ask again for your prayers and for God to supply for all that is coming. Pray for us, as we continue to help with Perla and her family. God bless you. Edward Abbott