I have been asked why I don´t inform more about Perla Victoria´s health. Perla is healing day by day, even though she had bruises and fractures considered serious. Most of them notable. She is going to Rehab, and doing therapy to regain complete movement in her arm and leg. She has a ways to go but doing well. On the other hand, she needed her right eye attended. She received a blow to her face in the accident. The doctor informs her that she has a fractured retina and needs surgery as soon as possible. She could lose sight in her eye if not attended soon. The test needed and surgery for all this will be high cost. We ask you to pray for all that is still needed to make her well again. That God will supply. We ask that you continue to pray for Perla and her family, that God will continue to strengthen them, and help them in all of this process. Thank you for your support and prayers. May God bless you. Edward Abbott Received 7/25/2019 The sovereignty and faithfulness of God are undeniable, and His control is absolute over everything. Once again, Perla Abbott will be entering the operating room. The progress she had on her leg has a set back. The dislocation in her knee from the accident had been put in place with a brace and everything was doing well. Now it has dislocated again. We don´t know if this will be the last surgery or if there will be more. We ask for your prayers. The surgery will be tomorrow, Thursday 9:00 am. Also, pray for Doctor Luis Eduardo Rodriguez and his surgical team. Pray the Lord will supply for what is still needed and for strength for Perla and her family. God bless you.