Greetings to all the Saints at the IGM and all of our praying and supporting family those who support our ministry in lovely Grenada. The lord is continuing to work on our behalf, we’re so thankful to you our few churches in the US who continue to reach out to us even though we didn’t see you in many many, years in the past, things are not always the same, but we see God’s hands always, we continue to see folks lives change at times due to their wrong choice they have made at times God’s seeking to get their attention. The truth is we have seen holiness and growth in the lives of the belivers, always been warned of Christ emenent return for his saints 1st Thes.4:16. We have had our annual, regular street meetings. And are looking forward to team USA coming for Evangelist meetings and VBS in July 2019, the needs are great we are currently praying and trusting Almighty God for lands for our Chapel and Sunday bible school meetings etc, please pray for my wife’s health needs, remember my children that they would continue walking with God.. Pray for our transportation needs for church services to and from pray for our mortgage payment. Thanks for your continued interest you are showing on God’s behalf in reaching the lost, finally pray for our secondary school ministry every week here in the village, we have seen many lives change through this ministry, our needs are bibles new testaments and other reading materials. .God bless you all as you reach out to people throughout the world. The Thomas’ seeking to reach the lost through lives testimony and the preached word.