We have prayed. God is answering. We have been praying and desiring for several months to take a survey trip with our pastor and things have come together quite quickly. Tomorrow, March 19, Pastor John and Jacob will be leaving for 9 days to meet with potential sponsors. In order for our family to stay and minister in NZ long term on a religious workers visa, NZ immigration requires that we have a NZ based sponsor (church) who will accept responsibility for the livelihood and wellbeing of our family. There are limited sponsors who meet the immigration criteria, but we hope to meet with as many as we can. Will you please pray with us for a sponsor as well as our safety? Once we get to NZ we will be driving several hours each day for meetings. A sponsor is our greatest need right now and also one of our biggest hurdles to getting back to NZ. We gratefully desire your prayers. Concerned for Kiwis, Jacob and Jamie Sechrest IGM Missionaries New Zealand