Saturday December 15, we made a trip to San Luis Potosí to visit “Itiel Baptist Mission”.
Saturday afternoon we had activities with the kids. A service and a time to play.
Then on Sunday we had a morning service and the a piñata and hotdogs with them.
As a Church we had started supporting this Mission in May but went see ourselves how things are.
Victoria Berenice Salazar, is a graduate from the Bible Institute. She started this mission working we kids on the street.
Some kids have a place to live, but no one cares for them or about them.
Other kids have nothing. One little boy, 8 years old, came Sun-day morning wearing a pair of pants twice as big as him, tide with a piece of rope, because he had to sing, “Silent Night”.
Victoria Berenice, goes every night to see that they eat, get their bath and cloths ready for school the next day.
They are renting a small place for services, but have been told they will have to move soon, the place is for sale.
The Lord has aloud Victoria Berenice to find property so she can build a home for these street kids.
She now has legal custody for 3 kids and maybe by next week 2 more.
Victoria Berenice has no support except from her parents and our mis-sion.
These kids sleep on a mattress on the floor, only one blanket and full of bed bugs. When we were there it got down to 23° Fahrenheit at night.
The property the Lord has aloud her to find is 330 square meters, at $80 dollars a meter.
Please help us pray for the Lord to supply to pay for this land and also build a home for these kids.
If the Lord puts in on your heart to help with a meter or more please do.
Amparo and I were talking about what see saw on our way back. We have no place of our own, but we do have a place to sleep. Even though we don´t have a house we have a place to cook and eat.
It seems like our plans and dreams will have to wait. Please help us pray for this ministry, that soon they can have a place to care for these kids.
Any further questions you can contact me at,
Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.
Edward & Amparo Abbott
Victoria Berenice Salazar