Dr. Gary E. Newhart
Executive Director

Gary and Nancy Newhart became the Executive Director of International Gospel Missions in February 2000, after the unexpected passing of the founder. Dr. Newhart, by the grace of God was privileged to start two churches that became indigenous in the state of New York. Under his leadership IGM, has been restructured to provide a higher degree of accountability and integrity. IGM is growing in its mission and many are coming to know and hear the message of the true Gospel that is found in Jesus Christ. He makes it very that the Mission is not about us but all about bringing Glory to our Heavenly Father.

Rev. James ARnold
Director of Focused Ministries

Jim and Denise Arnold joined IGM in 1990. Jim was born in Ivory Coast, West Africa, and the Arnolds were missionaries there when they joined IGM. The family was evacuated from Ivory Coast during the coup in 2002. After relocating to the US, Jim became the Missionary Field Coordinator for all of IGM in the West African Region. Their family currently resides in George.

Dr. James W. Starr
Director of Vision2020Asia

Vision2020Asia was launched in 2000 with the unanimous approval of the leadership of Morningside Baptist Church. Jim and Joanne Starr have been involved in God’s ministry since Jim’s salvation in 1969. Jim received his theological training from Bob Jones University. He has experience as a deacon, youth pastor, pastor, church planter, business, manager and entrepreneur. He has owned and operated numerous small businesses that he has used for the spread of the Gospel worldwide for the glory of God. Jim believes that God’s work should be everyone’s main business; all else should be viewed as an avocation. On January 15, 2005, James and Joanne Starr were accepted into the IGM family as IGM Director, Vision2020Asia

Pam Waterman
Director of Benjamin Ministries

Dan and Pam Waterman joined IGM in 2012. They have been married 29 years and have 10 children; eight on earth, two in heaven. Dan is a Network Engineer for the University of Rochester Medical Center, and supports Pam in her homeschooling efforts. Benjamin Ministries is named after and dedicated to their son, Benjamin, who died in 1997 in a car crash.

Benjamin Ministries provides grief counseling through many venues, including Bereavement Packages, Bereavement Conferences and Concerts, Prayer Walks, and Respite Retreats.